Meet the Children

Maureen is a beautiful 13 year old girl from the village of Mayuge Town and suffers with cerebral palsy.

Maureen was staying with her old grandmother after the death of her parents. Maureen's grandmother was too old to provide all the basic needs that Maureen needed and could not even manage to care for Maureen at home. While at home, a team visited Maureen and realized she was at risk and accepted to take her to Home of Hope. Since then, she is able to learn to sit, feed herself and crawl around. Maureen is now ready to attend school.

Faith is a 17 year old girl and suffers with cerebral palsy. Faith was discovered during a home visit to the village of Nakabango. She was abundant at her grandmother's place by her mother who could not be located by the Home of Hope for counseling. On assessing the living conditions of her health the team decided to put Faith for care and support. Faith is now on daily therapy program. Unfortunately her grandmother has passed away since.

Derrick is a 13 year old child with cerebral palsy. When Edith had Derrick she visited many health units and rehabilitation facilities for some help. This helped her to learn and discover a lot of things about disability. With different training and hard work she learned how to care for her son. Derrick is one of the most privileged children in Uganda in the way that at his age and his disability he has not developed contractures as other children with the disability at his age. His testimony is reason home of Hope came into existence. Derrick is on a daily therapy program.

Moses is a 15 year old boy from the village of Mafubira and has been diagnosed with epilepsy. Moses could get frequent seizures and now has been controlled with medication.

Home of hope was directed to Moses by a concerned neighbor who discovered that Moses was always being locked and tied up in a dark room. Moses was not given meals and could feed on pupu and anything he could find around him. His father is an alcoholic and could not care for him, as his mother left due to her husband's drinking problem. Home of Hope has now taken care of Moses. He is now being trained to walking and standing.

Tony is a 6 year old children from the village of Mukono. He has mild form of hydrocephalous and a development delay. Tony was with his mom, but unfortunately the mother has since died of HIV. His grandmother had provided for him, but also locked him inside the house. Tony was treated very badly, but someone who knew about the Home of Hope requested for the organization to take care of Tony. Tony was very weak and couldn't even walk or feed himself. Since he's been at Home of Hope, he now does most activities on a daily basis and now even walks. He's learning to talk, but says a few words and can now call out names.

Owen who is a delightful 3 year old boy who was born in the village of Nwaaka B LC1 Luuka District and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. His father who was the solitary caretaker, but couldn't provide for Owen because of his disability. Owen's three other siblings were taken up by other relatives. The chairman who knew about Home of Hope came to us requesting for the organization to take Owen in because the death of his father. Owen's mother died immediately after he was born. Currently Owen is on therapy and nutritional supplements to improve his health.

This 3 year old boy is from the village of Kangulumira and is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Birimabazale was referred to the Home of Hope by the probation officer on the basis of his living condition and health as he was staying with his grandfather after the death of his parents. Birimabazale is being trained to learn to sit and roll in lying position. He is also on nutritional supplements as he is too small for his age.