Meet the Children

The age of Miracle is unknown and she was born in the village of Walukuba. She has cerebral palsy and was brought to Home of Hope through the district probation officer. Miracles mother abandoned her at Walukuba with a note. So the neighbors' took the Miracle to the district probation officer who later forwarded Miracle to Home of Hope. She has learned to sit without support and is being trained on feeding herself.

This happy girl is 19 years old and was born in a village called Mbale. She suffers with cerebral palsy.

Gloria's mother died when she was 2 years old and was staying with an old aunt, but when Gloria turned 13 years her aunt decided to contact the probation office for help because of her age. She also feared that child could be raped as her aunt could be away some of the days. Home of Hope was contacted and now she has learned to feed herself and can also sit on floor with minimum support.

Prossy is a 23 year old girl and has hydrocephalous. She was born in the village of Wantayi Kayunga District. Home of Hope met Prossy when she was staying with the grandmother, an older lady who couldn't take care of her. Prossy could be locked in the house alone for hours.
The mother abandoned her, however Prossy is now staying at Home of Hope because the grandmother passed away and she has no home to go to or relative to take care of her.

Catherine is a 5 year old girl who has cerebral palsy and is from the village of Budumbuli Bugembe. Catherine parents passed away and had to stay with her grandmother, who also has a disability. The probation office deemed her grandfather was incapable of caring for Catherine and referred her to the Home of Hope. Child has learned to sit and is being trained on crawling and standing.