Meet the Children

Our little Robert is just 4 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. Robert has been with us at Home of Hope for just over 2 years and is from a small village named Busesa.

Robert was being cared for by a relative but the care he received was very poor to the point where his life was in danger.

The staff at Home of Hope is working with Robert to help calm his very agitated nature and provide the necessary care and medication to help treat his condition.

Always happy and smiling, sweet little Rasida will turn 4 years old on Christmas Eve. Rasida is afflicted with sickle cell disease and was rejected by her mother because she was too much of a burden with another disabled child already in the family.

Little Rasida's bones are very fragile and almost too weak to support her weight. The staff at Home of Hope is teaching Rasida to walk with the aid of a walker. She is also on folic acid medication to help strengthen her bones.


Cute and happy little Junior is almost 4 years old and comes from the village of Walukuba. Junior suffers from Hydrocephalus which causes water on the brain resulting in an enlargement of the head, convulsions, tunnel vision, and mental disability. Hydrocephalus can also cause death.

When Junior's father was involved in a motorbike accident, his mother was unable to care for both him and his father. Junior is learning how to stand and sit independently.


Our beautiful shy little girl, Charity, is 6 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. When Charity's biological father died in battle, her very young mother re-married but the step father mistreated both of them terribly and demanded Charity's mother abandon her because of her disability.

Reluctantly, the mother in tears, gave Charity up where she eventually came under the care of Home of Hope. Attempts have been made to contact the mother for visits but she has disappeared. The Home of Hope staff is helping sweet Charity to sit and feed herself


Patience has just celebrated her first birthday but was born HIV positive and has lost both her mother and father to the AIDS virus.

She is from the village of Buwenda where her elderly grandmother attempted to look after her but could not properly care for her because of her illness.

At Home of Hope, little Patience is receiving treatment for HIV and will need continued medical treatment to try and prevent the AIDS virus from developing.


Jamira is a happy 6 year old girl. She comes from the village of Juuko Zone, Kibuye and suffers from cerebral palsy.

The child's father has spent lots of money on the child’s health and was not getting well and up to now no one knows his where about. Her mother is a prostitute and couldn't have time for this child. Child is unable to walk, but can crawl and is being trained to standing and walking.


Not much is known about Philip who is a happy 11 year old boy. Philip suffers from cerebral palsy and was brought to the Home of Hope by a local organization call SIITA NEST because they could not help much regarding his condition. Home of Hope is able to make Philip learn to crawl and is being trained on walking and wheelchair skills.