Child School Sponsorship

This is a very new program in Home of Hope, currently it cares for the educational needs of three (3) children with disabilities. The two of the above children go to el shaddi primary school (with inclusive education) and the other attend her classes at the Home of Hope therapy room with help of a special needs teacher. This program has only lasted a year but still struggling due to inconsistent funding. There is a total number of at least fifty one (51) children with disabilities in the waiting list. Thirty seven (37) of the above have physical disabilities while the remaining (14) of them are deaf.

Children on sponsorship program                           Children with some staff at school

Future Prospects
  • Home of Hope aims at starting Sign language training for the deaf children their parents and school teachers.
  • Building of its headquarters in Bugembe town council

Achievements of home of hope
  • We have been able to teach about child protection and child Labour.
  • The construction of the home for the children has been registered progress.
  • We have been able to visit different districts since the ministry has been elevated to NGO level.
  • Increasing number of children both in the community and home
  • Land for building of Home of Hope offices
  • Many children have shown improvement for example Tonny and little Peter children with cerebral palsy walked