Nutrition Support

Over time, Home of Hope has identified many children with severe malnutrition. This is either because of inadequate food or because of poor feeding habits among children with disability especially cerebral palsy. Research shows that there's a close relationship between Cerebral palsy and malnutrition. Most children with cerebral palsy have a problem with their feeding. They either have poor appetite or have problems with digestion. Home of Hope works with many children in this category, thus the need to give nutritional support. Three areas are emphasized I.e.Giving of food supplies such as soya porridge, milk and Irish potatoes. Nutrition support is always given at Drop clinics, outreach clinics and during home visits. We mainly concentrated on 3 activities while carrying out this program: At present, home of hope are taking care of 40 children with malnutrition. All parents/care takers were given sensitization on nutrition, especially the use of locally available foods, the timing and quantity of food given to their children. Assessing the child’s progress, through observation and many other ways.

                       Malnorished child on nutrition program